Cable Rows

Cable Rows

To do cable rows is a great way to exercise big muscles in your back. To do cable rows are important for stabilization and to support your overall strength. 


Cable rows involves many muscles in your back, especially the Latissimus Dorsi which is a the largest muscle on your back, also known as the "lats". The lats are bending your back to the sides, backwards and are helping extensions and abductions in your arms. The cable rows also involves the trapezius muscles in your back, they are located in the upper part of your back. The erector spine is a deep muscle in your back, next to your spine. 

Cable rows also involves muscle in your shoulders, the rear deltoids, and in your arms such as your biceps and forearm flexors and also in your arms. 


Sit down facing the machine and have your knees bent, and your back should have a good posture. Grab the bar in front of you, sit so you have to bend your back some to be able to grab the bar. You can use a v-bar, a straight bar or handles. With straight arms, pull your back until you have a good posture. 

Then bend your elbows and pull the bar until your hands is touching your upper body, contract the muscles in your back and stay like that for a few seconds. Then slowly return back, have a straight back until your hands are straight again, then bend your back and stretch for some sceonds. When you are back in starting position, repeat this 8-10 times in a set of 3 times. 


There are several exercises you can do in your Bodyweight® Training System.  One of the exercises targeting the same muscles as the Cable Row is the Lying Row.

This is how you do it: Grab the handles and hang down directly under the straps. Let your arms extend up. With your palms facing inwards pull your body up to the handles just below your chest. Lower yourself back down. 


SSqueeze your shoulder blades together when you do the cable row and keep them squeezed for some seconds. Do the movement slowly both to you and back, with a right technique, for the best result.  


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